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Price Increase Coming for 2024

We like many of you have absorbed the increase costs since Covid hit a number of years ago. We have "weathered" the storm of increases in health care costs, food and general operation expenses as we trimmed out some overhead to absorb the increased costs.

After much consideration, we regrettabily will also increase our puppy prices for those puppies born in 2024 and beyond. We have not increased our puppy price since moving to Gloucester, Virginia over 4 years ago.

The price for a male or female cavalier king charles spaniel puppy with Limited AKC Registry will increase to $3,250 and full registry will increase to $4,250. This represents an 8.3% one time increase or less than a 2% increase over each of the prior 4 years. We hope to hold to this price increase for another 4 or more years.

Costs have increased for everything in our business as it has in your lives. Please accept our apology in advance as you consider buying your next puppy from Enchanting Cavaliers. We appreciate your trust, friendship and your business!


Milt & Susan Williams

Enchanting Cavaliers

Gloucester, VA

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