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Pure Ruby Female Cavalier Puppy No Longer Available

Updated: 5 days ago

I am Dainty and now 12 weeks old. An all ruby, female puppy born 11/2/23 looking for a loving family to join. AKC registered, lifetime microchip tracking, parents DNA clear and have started potty training with my parents and family.

Had a couple false starts on new home for me so really ready to get a move on!! I am enjoying playing with mom, dad, aunts, uncles and cousins both big and small but I really want a family to call my own.

I have had all my shots to date and am just waiting for you to call! I love to play, kiss and cuddle and I likely will be on the smaller size of cavaliers for those looking to have me join you daily in life travels. I have started potty and kennel training to make the transition easier for you but you need to call fast!! Maybe you have a home a little calmer so we can bond and grow old together?? I come with my own blanket and food....

Call my foster mom, Susan, at 910-214-4718 soon as I am ready to move around the 9th of February as I understand another litter is coming soon!

Thank you!!!


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