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At Enchanting Cavaliers, we raise American Kennel Club Registered King Charles Cavalier Spaniels in a loving and caring environment. Recognized as an AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Breeder.  Dedicated to following a responsible breeding program, our focus is providing our puppies a new forever home where each is happy, healthy and loved.

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There’s no better feeling than when we match one of our precious pets with their caring new owner. It’s why we put so much time, love and effort into making sure these special animals continue to be bred.


We’ve learned a lot about the process since we brought Lady Izzabelle 8 years ago and Sir Bailey into our home 6 years ago. Lady Marlee and Lady Skylar were added to our home in 2019 and Lady Keelie and Lady Abagail joined us in 2021.  With pending retirement of Izzie, Lady Cassidy joined us 5/28/21 at 8 weeks old.  Sir Toby joined us in September at 8 weeks old with Lady Layla, Avery, and Shelbie all joining as at 8 weeks age this November.  Sir Theodore just joined our family 3/25/22 to round out breeding options for future years.  2023 has been a dynamic year of change having retired Skylar and Layla, Tori (tricolor) and Sasha (blenheim) joined our crazy family.  Brodie ( tricolor male) will be joing us in January 24!!  Each of our ladies and gentlemen were selected by breeder, coloration, pedigree and disposition across United States with all 4 color variations present in our cavalier family. 


Our royal court is filled with outstanding AKC championship bloodlines, DNA tests, and select OFA Certifications that do not require annual sedation to achieve.  We are dedicated to breeding, quality Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies, having become one of the top breeders of King Charles Cavalier Spaniels in Virginia.


To find out more or to reserve one of these wonderful animals, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to tell you everything you need to know.

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8737 Coles Landing Drive
Gloucester, VA 23061


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