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Tricolor Female (Black & White with Tan Markings)

We are especially proud of Izzie! She is a calm, outgoing and loving girl that befriends anyone she meets.  AKC registered with significant championship bloodlines back 4 generations, DNA testing, and soon OFA Certification her puppies are quality, loveable addition to any family.

She had her first litter of 6 puppies in April 2019 with 5 female Black and Tan and 1 male Tricolor. 

Second litter of 6 puppies in May 2020 with 3 tricolor, 2 B&T, and 1 Blenheim; 2 females and 4 males.   

Thanks to Bailey's initiative and Izzy's acceptance we just had a litter of 5, 2 tricolors and 3 B&T, 1 female and 4 male puppies on 11/23/20. 

Sorry to report that all puppies have prospective placement on 2/1/2021 with a solid base of 40 plus individuals on our waiting list.

See her pictures of prior puppies.
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