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Happy Holidays and Outstanding New Year

Apologize that we are delayed adding any additional content to blog or website but updated/new information is coming. It has been a busy year for us at Enchanting Cavaliers and our family of 4-legged furbabies. We made it through pain and celibrated joy over the year as our family shared deaths, births and additions.

The painful loss of Ashes our 8 yo silver labrador, Ruby our 9 yo irish setter, and Sophie our 10 yo sheltie each to agressive, painful cancers hurts to the core. They are free of pain waiting to welcome us when our time comes to move on from this world. We loved them and miss them each day hoping that the pain gets a little easier as time passes. Always in our hearts and never forgotten...

Izzi, Skylar and Bailey filled the home with 15 cavalier puppies placed this last year over three litters. 1 litter from late 2020 and 2 separate litters in 2021 with 3 week overlap of those 2 litters at the same time. Marley decided not to participate in producing a litter this year but she did see the others dealing with their puppies!! Bit of challenge this year but alot of fun as each puppy in the litters went from silent, nursing, little balls to noisy, active, bundles. Bit of statistics for the year: 15 puppies placed in loving homes; 11 males and 4 females; 7 black & tan, 5 tricolor, 2 blenheim, and 1 ruby; placement in VA 12, MA 1, NH 1, and FL 1.

Since the last puppies left for new homes in September and recent losses of our 3 girls, we added five cavalier puppies this year, each selected from trusted breeders in the U.S.A. having had superb breeding history over 4 generations, championship lines, with genetic testing. So if you got lost in all this verbage we now have 13 four-legged family members of which 5 are puppies in training. The non-cavaliers are Smokey our male silver lab and Tweedle our female havenese with the 11 cavaliers sharing our home. The puppies added this year were 3 tricolor females, 1 blenheim female and 1 ruby male. The selection of coloration and sex of each was a strategic move for puppy color options in 2023 and beyond. Each addition will have had DNA testing at least once and select OFA Certification when eligible. You can look on the webpage to see our new additions to the family and to see prior litters and previous puppy placements.

We anticipate our mature cavaliers producing up to four litters in 2022 without issues of permanent placement in forever homes given an active, dynamic waiting list. We do have owners of prior placements returning for playmates, owner referrals, placement requests from select breeders, and others wanting to place a loving cavalier from a breeder they can trust. We aren't perfect but we do try to place quality cavalier puppies in qualified, loving homes. We stand behind the breed, our breeding approach, dogs and puppies placed. We place puppies at 10 weeks knowing they have been well socialized, weaned, and started on potty training. We allow puppy visitation in person or virtual. We also provide weekly updates including pictures to each prospective puppy parent.

From all of us.... to each of you...

We wish you a safe, joyous holiday season and an outstanding New Year!!

Milt & Susan

Enchanting Cavaliers

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