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Puppies will be here the first week of March!

Avery and Toby are proud to annouce they have a litter of cavalier king charles spaniels expected to arrive around 3/4/24. Ultrasound confirmed pregancy and hope to have an estimated puppy count this Friday.

The exact number, colors and gender count will not be available until this litter actually arrives, but for those waiting she is getting big! Picky eater and has slowed down quite a bit from her normal vibrant self. We are getting the puppy room ready for litter arrival so she can adjust to the change of surroundings. Avery loving and healthy we anticipate a healthy litter of puppies that will be going to their forever home the middle of May just in time for the summer.

We have had a significant change in our line up of our cavalier sires and dams as we look to the future in breeding cavalier king charles spaniels. I promise to update pictures and information on our family of dogs soon so everyone can see our babies. Victoria (tri-color) and Sasha (blenheim) will be coming up on being a year old with awhile to go until breeding age. With taking Theodore out of the breeding program in December, we aquired males Ruger (blenheim 2 yo) and Brodie (4 mon tricolor) as stud dog and stud dog in training.

The changes opens up opportunities for more color variation as it definately increases opportunities for blenheim puppies. We are excited about the future in breeding cavaliers but if you are keeping up the count of dogs in our home....we are now at 19! Crazy but we manage and love what we do. Keep an eye on the website as we are upgrading the website as we also update our family pictures.

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