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Rubies are coming!!

It has been a hot, busy summer for us and our four-legged children. We are proud to annouce that Keelie and Toby will be the proud parents of a litter of ruby puppies around 9/27/22. Ultrasound found five fetal heartbeats but testing later in September will give us more accurate information on how many puppies Keelie and Toby will be raising. The new fur babies will be going to their new homes early December at 10 weeks to spend the holidays with their new owners. We will provide updates on progress over the coming months.

We do not anticipate additional litters in 2022, however, 2023 will be a very dynamic year as our last year's additions mature in consideration of additional litters during the new year. We will use the waiting list and prudent breeding plan to decide which female Cavalier(s) we breed with which male Cavalier to meet demand and puppy placement opportunities. We always strive to breed solid puppies with strong genetics to limit potential health issues in each litter. Skylar's and Toby's litter from May all have adjusted well to their new families with excellent health reviews as we expect new litters to do equally as well.

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