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Rubies In The Rough!!

Keelie and Toby are proud to announce an evenly split litter of 4 Ruby AKC registry eligible Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies born on 9/26/2022. Everyone is doing fantastic, thanks for asking! Their 2 little boys and 2 little girls are not so little anymore with their eyes wide open at just over 2 weeks old. My how they love to nurse and mom is happy doing so! They will say goodbye to their babies around 12/6/2022 just in time to spend the holidays with their new families. Before going home they will have seen the family vet 3 times, de-wormed 3 times, vaccinations twice, microchip placement once with lifetime tracking, and yes get their very own AKC Limited Registration in new owner's name(s). Keelie and Toby are proud of their DNA Clearance along with the warranty provided.

They are seeking new owners for 2 of their puppies as 2 new families from our waiting list will make selection next week around 10/18/22. We will be posting individual available puppy pictures next week, but if you really want a ruby cavalier puppy for the holiday season I suggest contacting us sooner rather than later as we use the list in order received. A $500.00 non-refundable retainer fee/deposit will be required at time of selection as they do have expenses to cover before puppies go home to forever parents.

So if you are interested in a special addition just in time for the holidays, contact Susan Williams at 910-214-4718 or email us at

P.S. Keelie and Toby remind us we need to get the website updated with content and pictures as we have all the alumni pictures coming in to follow everyone's puppies over the years. Please check back in with us soon as we will announce a new addition to our family in the coming weeks!!

Ruby Puppies Available
2 Weeks

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