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Why choose a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel?

King Charles Cavalier is a wonderful dog for companionship. They will be right by your side or on your lap. The love to snuggle up, some even give hugs, travel with you when you leave, play with you inside or outside, very easy to train, give you lots and lots of love, and an outstanding choice for children. Cavaliers are easy to care for generally. They want to please you, be with you, and learn very easily. I find that all my cavaliers learn with food treats and then phase to praise only. The do require regular grooming and will shed. It is important that you begin grooming process at least by their 6th month so they get use to the regimen whether done by you personally or by a groomer. They do shed, but not excessively, in my opinion.

They love to romp and play outside, chasing birds, squirrels and rabbits. They do bark, but easily trained to quiet down. If you like to garden, they will be right there by your side, helping with weeding. If the kids are outside playing, they will be there with them rolling or chasing balls, always wanting to be with the kids. These traits also lend this breed to be used as Emotional Support Companions for those with special needs or additional support.

If you are looking for a guard dog, then this is not the breed for you. Your cavalier may bark when there is a knock on the door or the doorbell rings, but that is typically to be the first there to welcome the new visitor!

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