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Cavalier puppies are coming in May and June!

Updated: Apr 27

Just an update of availability of king charles cavalier spaniel puppies.

Duchess, 8 wk female ruby cavalier waiting on you to call to have her join your family around 5/13/24.--She has a new home coming! Sold!!

Looks like Kellie(ruby girl) and Ruger(blenheim boy) will be having their litter arrival around

5/21/24 which should be ruby and blenheim puppies with more to follow as things get a little closer. If you are looking for healthy, solid boy or girl this will be an excellent choice for your family around early July.

We believe Cassidy(blenheim girl) and Ruger will be expecting arrival of their puppies around the 1st week of June. This will be Cassidy's 1st litter with high hopes we finally have a full litter of blenheim puppies to shorten our waiting list and open opportunity to place beautiful blenheim puppies in loving homes late July.

We are looking to breed Abby(B&T) with Remington(B&T) in June that will likely produce all pure B&T boys and girls. Next in June and July will be Shelby(tricolor) with hopefully Remington to provide a full spectrum of cavalier colors.

Thank you for taking the time to read an update and more helpful posts to be forthcoming as things wind down a bit with our current litter. Have a question or need information, please contact Susan at 910-214-4718

Milt & Susan Williams

Gloucester, VA

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