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Congratulations Avery and Toby on a healthy litter of 5!!

Avery and Toby are proud to announce arrival of 5 beautiful AKC cavalier king charles spaniel puppies born 3/4/24. They had 3 ruby puppies 2 boys and 1 girl along with 2 black & tans, 1 boy and 1 girl. Future puppy parents are lining up with 1 ruby boy and 1 B&T boy already spoken for in this litter that will be able to go to their new homes around 5/13.

Each will go home with AKC Limited Registry and microchipped with lifetime tracking through AKC ReUnite. We are working the waiting list but that is dynamic so if interested in a cavalier puppy in May please give Susan a call at 910-214-4718.

The pups are doing great gaining weight daily with a very attentive and loving Avery watching over them. Mom did well in delivery and up resuming activities including visitation with sister, aunts and uncles. This is her 2nd litter and she is an outstanding mom!

Just wanted to give a quick update as some have been checking to see how things were going with Avery. Thank you for reading and asking about our little girl!


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