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Puppies Available

Litter of 5 born 2/19/23 to Avery and Toby. All healthy, gaining weight and moving around to find mom for nourishment. 3 ruby available: males Bruno(blue collar) and Pudge(pink collar); female Athena(aqua collar) each with some cute white markings. They will be 10 weeks ready to go home around 4/30/23 with after deworming 3 times, 3 vet visits to ensure each is healthy, shots at 6 and 9 weeks,lifetime microchip with AKC Reunite, AKC Limited Registration, bag of puppy food along with some parting gifts like toys, blankets, and other health items. Mom and dad have vet clearance for major health issues along with having a clear DNA major health issue clearance. We provide a health quarantee, resources folder, phone consultations, and each puppy always has a home here with us for those unforseen circumstances. We hope to have each reserved at 3 weeks so we can call each by the name each new family has chosen. We encourage puppy visitations after week 4 and up to going home at week 10. By week 10 the puppies are well socialized with our 15 dogs and 2 legged visitors stopping by to see them and us.

So just to keep puppy news going....

Layla and Theodore's litter is expected around 3/6/23 with an official puppy count Friday, 2/27. It appears that all of Layla's puppies may already have homes given the coloration odds with this litter with having bred tricolor to tricolor. Time will tell but being on our waiting list helps placing each puppy is the right loving forever home. Layla's puppies are also in high demand as she is the smallest of our cavaliers at only 11 lbs at 1 1/2 years old. We expect and hope that her puppies will be smaller to make delivery easier while it is possible that her smaller size will pass on to some of the litter.

New news is that Skylar(tri) has bred with Toby(Ruby) and expecting success this litter would arrive around 4/21/23 and go home at week 10 around 6/30/23. Skylar and Toby are proven parents having have beautiful puppies in previous litters placed in loving homes. She is an outstanding mom for her puppies!

Additional litters from Shelbie(tri), Abby (B&T), Keelie (ruby) and Cassidy (blenheim) are still possibilities this year as we watch puppy sales and monitor our waiting list.

If you are considering adding a cavalier king charles spaniel to your family, now is the perfect time to get on our waiting list to secure a healthy cavalier from an established, reputable breeder. We are a small breeder with each of our dogs pets first that we selectively choose to breed. They share the couch and bed with us daily! We are user friendly, an excellent resource on cavaliers issues whether you select a puppy from us or not, honest, and all of our dogs having been eliminated from breed specific health issues by DNA analysis and continual health assessment by the selected licensed veternarians we use.

Hope to hear from you soon. Future topics to be discussed in upcoming blogs include:

  • Food and nutrition for cavaliers in food selection;

  • Everyday plants that are dangerous for dogs;

  • Contigency planning for your family and pets;

  • Healthy habits for family pets;

  • Protecting your new puppy in that first year;

  • Using shot clinics vs regular veterinary office

Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read this post. It means a lot to us. If you don't mind taking an additional moment and few key strokes, send us your input for additional topics of interest by emailing us at Your feedback is appreciated and helpful to us in getting the word out.

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