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A dynamic 2023 has already started!

Happy New Year All! So the girls and boys have been busy with upcoming and anticipated litters soon. Avery and Toby will be proud parents of cavalier puppies around 2/21 as we await doing an ultrasound on Layla next week with Theodore as mate. Then we have Cassidy in heat any day now with Abby in February and Skylar around April. Toby will busy as selected study for Cassidy and Abby and to be fair we look to Theo to mate with Skylar.

So that is definately a running start to 2023, with more plans for summer and fall with our other girls. Oh, we now have 15 dogs with 13 cavaliers, a havenese and a silver lab as Sir Remington Steele of Gloucester ( solid black & tan) joined our pack as a stud cavalier in training in November. Remy has an outstanding pedigree with championship bloodlines and genetics back to UK. We are excited but after just having a litter go to forever homes in early December we weren't really ready for a forever puppy ourselves but we did retire Bailey so all things worked out.

This was Keelie's and Toby's litter of 4, 2girls, 2 boys, at 2 weeks age that went to their forever homes on 12/6/22. We had our hands full and glad for colored collars for identification purposes!!

We will keep you posted on any updates as we also will be reaching out to those already on our waiting list. We promise to take some time to update website with pictures as Susan has quite a collection including prior litters some now at 6 months, 1 year and 2+ years age. Those will be on our Alumni Page. My how they have grown and matured. We are proud to have a number of cavalier homes with their 2nd and 3rd addition to the families. A few, look to have one of each color in their home all from Enchanting Cavaliers. That is OUTSTANDING!!

We do have a waiting list for puppies as we will be reaching out to those individuals with the upcoming puppies once born. The list is dynamic so don't be afraid to touch base with us if you are looking for a solid, healthy, and socialized cavalier puppy. More to come soon....

Milt & Susan Williams

Gloucester, VA

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Holly G
Holly G
Jan 14, 2023

Off and running! Happy New Year 🥳❤️

Holly G and

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