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Puppies are coming!!

Skylar and Toby are awaiting arrival of their 5 puppies around 5/24/22 to add to the fun here in our home. Hoping all goes well in delivery that will bring a total of 19 four legged furballs in the home at 1 time. The high count was last year when the total was 21 with two litters that overlapped a few weeks. All good news as it will keep the summer interesting! Skylar is ready to drop this litter so could be anytime now.

So talking about the summer being interesting, we have 3 of our girls that will be ready to mate 1 each month July, August and September. We are working out mating plan to ensure we are able to have all 4 colors available for those on our waiting list and those that sign up in the coming weeks. We will be guiding our boys to selectively mate with our girls so that we have ruby to ruby and black & tan to black & tan that should yield a litter of ruby puppies and a litter of predominantly black & tan puppies. Have to work out our sire for our blenheim girl along the way but then again sometimes they figure it out on their own.

Thanks for stopping by and reading our short post. We have a lot of work to do updating pictures and information on the website so keep looking. We are collecting pics from our previous puppy owners so we can get our alumni page kicked off that will contrast cavalier puppy pictures to those as an adult. We are excited seeing the girls and boys now at a year or more and how they have changed over the year. Sir Theodore Matthews of Gloucester (Theo) joined us a few months ago and is a solid, tricolor boy with an attitude. Bailey, Toby and Theo are lucky to have mature girls and next year's mature girls living with them under one roof. Take a look around the website to meet our family of cavaliers and get the latest information.

Have a safe and fun summer all!!

Milt & Susan Williams

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