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Update on current litter and upcoming litters

Updated: Jun 9, 2021

Izzie's and Bailey's Unscheduled litter of 7, 2 females & 5 males born 5/17/21 now working through the Waiting List for puppy placement in their new homes on 7/26/21.

We have 6 of 7 placed as of 6/9/21 with Phil, blenheim male available for new parents! Call Susan at 910-214-4718 to discuss availability!

Skylar and Bailey are expecting litter arrival around 7/11/21 just confirmed by ultrasound. Having 2 litters overlapping in our home will be a first for Enchanting Cavaliers!! Glad it will only be two week overlap!! 11 dogs in our home + litter of 7 + another litter of ?? will be summertime chaos....

Well not to forgotten.... Lady Marlee will come in heat in a couple of weeks anticipating Bailey will continue to be the stud muffin he is. That will close out our litters for 2021 with a bang...

This is the last litter for Lady Isabelle of Timber Creek as she is scheduled to be spayed in order to retire next month. She assumes a new vital role as mentor for our 5 other girls under a life of leisure and relaxation. Izzie deserves retirement as the cornerstone of Enchanting Cavaliers having had 4 litters over 5 years with each litter at a minimum of 6 puppies and the maximum of 8. She has been an outstanding, caring mother to each puppy she birthed keeping a keen eye on each until placed in the hands of new parents at 10 weeks of age. She reassumes the primary role of house pet effective 7/26 as we love and care for her through her and our golden years.

We do have a waiting list that is our first point for puppy placement understanding it may mean a 6 -12 month wait. While the list is long, it typically drops by 70-80% as prospective new parents find alternative solutions to having that new puppy arrive sooner than later. We are not typical AKC breeders as all our dogs are family pets first and last. All live in our home just as each puppy is treated as a family member also.

We live in rural Gloucester Virginia with enough land for our dogs (and puppies) to run and play. New parents are asked to provide the puppy's name so that we can get him or her use to being called by that name when going home. Potty training has been started as puppies join the adult dogs to exercise and play. We allow scheduled new parent visitations over the last 6 weeks to start the bonding and transition phases for the puppy and new owner(s). We are available to new and seasoned owners to share ideas, information and to get updates on our kids.

If interested in being added to our waiting list or have a question about cavaliers, call or email us at 910-214-4718 or To be added to the waiting list, we require full name, physical address, email address and telephone number(s) to facilitate present and future communications.

Thank you for taking the time to read all this as I promise to update site with new pictures, updated content, and routine entries of useful information through our Blog. We are building the puppy Alumni section to for all to see before and after pictures for your enjoyment. Hoping you have a fun but safe summer!

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