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What treats do you give your dog(s)?

All our dogs love their treats. It's okay to give them, but if you give them too many in a day they may not eat their balanced dog food. We use freeze-dried chicken, training treats, and even frozen blueberries. We find that an ice cube is often a special treat to them especially on a warm or hot day. Again stay away from grain free treats as it isn't recommended for cavaliers. We give our adult dogs treats like apple slices or carrots. A piece of cheese, popcorn, or a spoonful of yogurt all works too! Just remember you want them to eat their food, so be careful not to give too many treats. We feed our dogs before we eat and never provide them food from the table to avoid them becoming beggars while you are trying to eat. Absolutely stay away from grapes, raisens, chocolate and anything they maybe allergic to as it can harm your special companion. Can't think of a good treat for your cavalier? Just Google acceptable dog treats and you can find many sources of good treats and those things not to give your puppy or dog.

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